Bubble meet up in Boston?

Any Boston area folks?

If yes, let me know. Would love to meet up. I love the bubble platform, have been learning it for a few hours per day now for the past week or so.


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Hey Chris I’m in Boston so happy to meet up.

Maybe show and tell and talk about problems/solutions with using bubble - a way to increase everyone’s technical knowledge?

@john3 yeah man, let’s do it.

What dates work for you?

Any idea at a location? I have a co-working space in Union Square Somerville, could likely host there.

Is that the workbar? I’m in Belmont so not far at all…
I could do Thu or Fr this week, 11am or 1pm times would be best.
Let me know…

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I work out of a place called Canopy. 14 tyler street 3rd floor. It’s like workbar, but cheaper :wink:

Thursday at 12pm works.

Maybe we can chat about how to organize a larger future meet up and what the topics and format should be?

Sounds good - I’ll be there at noon Thursday.

That would be a good idea start a meetup group - not sure how many people are in Boston. But I’m sure there are lots who would want to learn about how to make their own app easily with Bubble so it’s more of a positioning and idea sharing to grow the community approach.


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John - Sounds good. See you on Thursday.

Agreed about a meet up group!

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Hey guys, I’m also in Boston - downtown in the theater district. Would love to meet up sometime.

I can’t make it this Thursday, so will join you at the next one.


Sounds good Scott. We’ll setup some logistics for the Meetup and get things rolling. John

Hey @sridharan.s, @john3 and I met up the other day and want to host a meet up in Bostoin.

We can host at my co-working space in Union Square, Somerville.

We thought a very simple format would be to have a projector and have people come up with problems that they were facing and see if the group could help them. Each person would have 5 minutes, so 12 people in an hour, then there could another hour for hanging out.



I’m in NH, (Manchester area) so if you guys decide to have another Meetup, I would love to join!


We had one then didn’t have another.

I think figuring out the format and what we’d meet about was the most challenge.

We talked about bubbling together, sharing how we got various things to work.

Maybe you have some thoughts?

Tbh… May be interesting to get together and build something… F someone has an issue they want to pitch beforehand, we may be able to come to the table and solve an accepted problem.

Either that, or build a product in a day… Something we could put together and test…learning from each other along the way and also coming out of the experiencing with something living and breathing.

I’m just getting started, but I know I learn better when I have others around me and I can put into something of value.

Just spitballing.

I’d be down. I’ve been heads down with building and sales, so it hasn’t been a prioriting to meet up. Still want to do it though!

Hi everyone, I’m so excited about bubble that I’ve started a Bubble Meetup group.

However, I am in need os an assistant organizer who can help with planning events etc.

TopherWilliams, it sounds like you have a location, I’m happy to pay meetup for the service if you might think of using the Boston Bubble Meetup group as a place to plan Meetups?

Here’s the address: https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-VwOoXpCX/

I am just learning bubble as many of you are, but would love to work on something with another Bubble fan.



Wed love to add this to our Bubble meetup page (meetup.com/pro/Bubble)

Reach out to support so that we can list you there!

I’d love to get together with other bubble users. I’m about 45 mins north if Boston.

Also, let me know if there is anything 8 can do to help get this off the ground.


My business partner and I would be up for getting together too. It might be more interesting to do a show and tell type event where we can all show everyone what we’re working on, what challenges we’re facing, etc. It’d be a good way to cover a lot of ground quickly.

Also, we’re in downtown Boston, 5 mins from Downtown Crossing and 5 mins from South Station. Our building has a whole floor of common space so we could meet here if people are looking for another location - super convenient to public transport. Only drawback is parking isn’t particularly cheap if people are driving in.

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I’d be interested in a meetup. I’m about 45 mins away from downtown, depending on time of day with the Pike (I’m in Hopkinton)

I’m game. I’m local.