Bubble Mentor (Paid)

I do have basic level experience of building on Bubble, and I am looking to improve my learning curve by getting in touch with paid mentors.

If any experienced Bubblers like teaching, and get paid at the same time on a hourly basis, do get in touch.

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Bubble launch this:

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@J805 is a great mentor :wink:

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Thanks @nocodeventure :blush: I appreciate the kind words.

@pratik.shetty Anything specific you would like help on? Maybe I could be a good fit.

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

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Thanks for your quick replies. Will do some research, and reach out to one of the bubble coaches :slight_smile:

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Hey @pratik.shetty

Id love to take a chat with you. Im situated in Denmark and have launched a number of applications. Let me know if we should take a zoom call. :slight_smile:

@romanmg is a great resource.