Bubble Mentorship for Nonprofit Animal Sanctuary

Hi everyone… we are a small animal rescue/sanctuary in Colorado and are looking to build out a animal care management platform for our use. I am fairly technically savvy and have done web app consulting before with outsourced development staff. I understand relational DB design concepts and UI/UX concepts. I am trying to learn bubble but simply don’t have enough time in the day to go through all tutorials etc.

I have a small budget to work with someone as a mentor if they can do some joint development with me as hands-on-learning, or help to develop this app with me in other ways.

Features would be:

##Daily Observations:

Users can log their daily observation of each animal resident. Marking them green, yellow, red. Yellow or Red would require a ‘reason’ and would later need to resolve the alert with an action that was taken.

Multiple people should be able to observe the same animal on same day. All should be logged.

##Care Tasks:

Scheduled tasks that are to be done by the care team. The tasks may be assigned to an individual animal, a group, or everyone of a species. Tasks can be scheduled for a day or week or over multiple days (to be done anytime in a particular week), with task repeat functions. Tasks should also have categories.


Ongoing reports on daily observations
— animals on yellow for more than “X” recent consecutive days
— Yellow/red alerts that have not been marked resolved
— all Red/Yellow alerts from a particular time period

Care Tasks Reports:
— Number of tasks by categories per species, group, or individual
— Tasks not completed on due date and how late they were in completing them

##Animal Profile
— Basic profile info with picture, etc.
— Daily observation recording chart view
— Task history/future due

Future Functionality:

  • Ability add multiple form types that can attach to an individual animal, all in a group, or all in species
    — example, health check documentation
    — diet change documentation
    — veterinary visit documentation
    — etc.
  • Ability to upload documentation from external sources
  • Ability to view and manage all history of documentation in animal profile

I am an experienced developer and would be able to help you build this out.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

Hi sshah,

I was planning to build such a system for the marketplace. Since you are a non profit and if you can show certain proof I can offer you a fixed rate that is affordable :slight_smile:

Please check my portfolio below at your convenience. Send me a message if you want to talk this through.


Hi… can you give me an idea on what you mean by affordable?

I can help on voluntary basis on support with UI and functionalities, once there is a basic setup. Absolutely free of charge since you are non profit. Only if you can provide more detailed info about your rescue/sanctuary details and its themes. PM me if interested

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What I meant is a deal that benefits both parties in terms of price and reselling rights. That said, I suggest to go for @melon if he can provide what you’ll need.

If you don’t want the build it yourself I’d be happy to elaborate more in a Personal Message.

Hi Everyone. Thank you so much for your offers of help. It is greatly appreciated! I currently have someone helping me and things are going well so far. I’ll connect with you if needed. Thank you again.

Melon, thank you so much for your offer to help - especially voluntarily. That is really generous of you. I’m currently able to move things forward and it is working well so far. I’ll be in touch if I need further help. Thank you again.

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