Love Dogs? 🐕 Well do I have a project for You!

Hello Bubblers,

I’m seeking a Bubble developer that can help me make updates, fix bugs and implement new features as needed. Features will only be implemented when enough clients cry for them and the need properly validated.

Taganize ( is a dog tag and personalized website combo built on Bubble for managing your pet’s information. Now your dog will carry all of its records at all times, helping give you peace of mind.

Using your NFC enabled Android or iPhone, simply touch your smartphone against the tag and the dog’s profile will instantly appear. Gain 24/7 access to veterinary records, rabies certificates and emergency numbers at a press of a button. Add owner info in case your pet gets lost, upload files and even add a social media link to share with others. Community aided lost & found tracking is built in too!

With Taganize, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what information you can store about your pet. Customize pages to your needs. An in-depth dog profile is helpful for not only pets with medical needs, but police dogs, hunting dogs, sport dogs, security dogs, kennels, breeders, shelter dogs, doggy day care, dogs that frequently fly and travel, service dogs and more.

It would help if you love and own a dog when applying.

Visit to see my Bubble web service.

Look forward to your reply!


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John’s a great guy and has some solid work for anyone to get done! I’d highly recommend working with John if you have the bandwidth!!

Also, it would be a sweet project to get involved with!

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Interesting project and showcase of Bubble’s abilities!

Hey John,

I’ve had dogs in my life for as long as i can remember, so i would love to apply and help out, shoot me an email at

Hi John,
I would love to work on this project.
my email:
upwork profile: Adeel R. - Developer | React | React Native - Upwork Freelancer from Karachi, Pakistan

Hey there, I love dogs :dog:

This sounds quite interesting so hoping to help out.

You can find my work at

Let me know!

This is such an amazing project built on Bubble! I’d be very interested in working together, after all, I do love dogs, and have 3 (1 Great Dane and 2 Yorkies).

Shoot me an email if you’d like!

I’d love to help with some of the UI / UX! Such a great idea!

Drake Dussault

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Hi Everyone!

I still actively looking for a freelancer that would like to join my project and help me.

To learn even more send me a PM and we’ll set up a time to speak.



Oh my gosh… how can this be? No body loves dogs?