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Bubble / Microsoft for Startups partnership

This is amazing news!!! The MS for Startups is an incredible deal if you are just creating your startup.

I’m a Microsoft partner, ex-Microsoft employee, and Microsoft Power BI MVP who is blown away by what you can do with Bubble. I’m very familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem and am happy to answer questions if you want to use their services. Our first commercial app, built on Bubble and integrated with the MS Graph, is nearing completion.

Connecting to the Microsoft Graph from Bubble opens up a world of possibilities, especially if you selling to large corporate. I’m also working through integrating Power BI into Bubble at the moment.


Awesome partnership!

Let us know when you finish this integration with Power BI and how did it end up!

Thanks for sharing :rocket:

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I’m also participating in the Microsoft for Startup program! My plan is to use for the frontend of my app to connect to Microsoft Sales Professional. On the frontend I will be using a form to collect customer data to pass to Sales Professional and using the Twilio Connector to send phone calls and SMS reminder messages. Is this doable?

Should be though I’ve not tried interfacing with Dynamics Sales Professional before.