Any Certified UK Bubblers keen to set up an agency together?

Hi UK Bubblers :wave:

I’ve recently pivoted from my Insight Director role at a market research agency and am looking to go full-time into building websites and apps on Bubble, and thought it might be an idea to start a development agency with other UK-based Bubblers.

I’ve been building on Bubble part-time for 8 years, am Bubble and Million Labs certified. I think there’s a decent gap in web development, where current agencies aren’t leveraging the power of Bubble-type workflows and elements, or at least aren’t selling them powerfully enough on their sites. Software development, esp with AI, is obviously a massive growth area so now is a great time to start a business and build for clients, and maybe even found a unicorn in our spare time #venturestudio

Check out my biosite here: Jonathan McCallum — Bio Site and DM here if you’d like to set up a call.


Hello Jonathan,

I share your perspective on Bubble—it’s indeed a powerful tool. However, I’ve observed that, at least in Europe, it hasn’t been adopted as widely in professional settings as one might expect. I believe there’s a need for a shift in Bubble’s communication strategy. It’s crucial to highlight that Bubble isn’t just for beginners working on small personal projects; it’s also capable of supporting the development of robust and functional software for large corporations.

This viewpoint comes from my observations here in Portugal. If you’re open to it, I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss our thoughts on how Bubble can expand its reach and recognition in the professional sector.

Thank you, and looking forward to possibly chatting soon!

Hi Bruno,

Thanks so much for your message! I would agree that their messaging likely needs to shift to show its power for custom corporate-level apps, and they need to point to success stories.

What are you working on at the moment?

Already sent you a chat !

Hi Jonathan

It is probably worth us having a chat - I have recently founded a UK agency (StartHQ) that combines bubble development, with sales and marketing and legal services to help founders more effectively launch their businesses.

It is early days but we are speaking with a number of founders already and I have one eye on building out the team as we grow.

I’ll send you a DM to set up a call if you are interested.