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Any ideas on how to make my bubble site into an app and have it responsive to the different phone sizes. My site becomes very jumbled up

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There is a few things you have to consider before you start. Do you really need a native app or just to wrap your mvp as the mobile up. There are few options and it’s all up to you:

Native app - droupsource or cordova
Wrapper - use a bdk plugin and bdk service (based on my expirience, but there are few alternatives available)

If you decide to wrap your mvp, then keep in mind a few things…

Use a one page layout, then hide or show groups during the navigation within your app, during the navigation.

It is kind of complicated to figure out.

If you just want your app to be presentable when somebody visits from a phone without a separate service, try playing with the responsive settings. You can see how everything looks in mobile, mobile portrait, tablet and full screen view.

Work out the minimum and maximum widths for your elements/groups that work for each size. And also look at page size. You can hide elements depending on screen size as well.

I’m still figuring this out but have had some success spending time trying to understand how min / max widths work.
Good luck…

Very unique question. Surprised it hasn’t been asked before.

Somebody mentioned this already on the forum. When I have started with my app I have read every single post regarding the mobile apps and responsive design.

I will post a couple screenshots shortly how I’m doing mine, as I don’t have an issue with a different mobile screens.

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