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Start with mobile design

Hi everyone,
Loving the new plethora of nocode apps and especially loving what’s possible to do with bubble.

I am building an MVP of my service which it’s primary use is mobile. For this reason, and because I believe in designing this way, I’d like to start with mobile and scale up rather than the other way around.

So far (I’ve only been playing with Bubble for an hour) I haven’t seen a way to do this. Does anyone have an idea if it’s possible and if so, how to do it?

Hey @sandrobrito!
If you’ve been playing with the platform for only an hour, I strongly suggest you begin with the lessons. They’ll provide a good fondation.

As for mobile dev, when you go in the property of the page (dbl click on background), you have an option to attribute a separated page for mobile access. It’s not mandatory; you could also have a design that adapts to any screen sizes.

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Hi @sandrobrito and welcome to Bubble.

You simply use for your page a width of 320 x 568 (almost all devices). You do not need to select the mobile version and deselect “this page is a native application”.
Keep in mind it is a responsive app (good for an app and for web site).

When you’re ready, you can also “wrap” your app and send it to Apple and Google to have your app on their stores.

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

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I have done some of the lessons, but yes. I need to do more of them

I already have my app mostly done and I have created it at 380 x 860. I have noticed even at my sizing on larger size screens it doesn’t fill the entire screen. Won’t reducing the size even more make it take up less space. I have been struggling with sizing since I started using bubble and haven’t really found a clear answer. What is the “best” way/ size if you are planning on only making your app a mobile app for phones/ tablets? Also how to you make is responsively resize to all devices?

I should clarify. My width resizes perfectly fine. It is the height I am struggling with. My pages scroll when I don’t want them to and don’t fill up the whole screen on larger devices

Hello @jacobsphinx

At the moment, I’m using a fixed RG. This is not ideal when resizing the screen. We are still waiting for an RG that matches the height.

I use a fixed screen height (usually 812 px) as base. For things that need more room, I usually use a floating group (that opens on top of the current view) with a 1x1 repeating group. You can check out my template [New Template] New mobile app starter pack (on sale for limited time) for example (see e.g. the view when you click on a picture)