Bubble for Mobile Apps

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to build an MVP for my app. A non-technical founder here so cant do any engineering per se.

I understand that Bubble is meant for web apps, however, someone mentioned to me that Bubble came out with a recent update that allows the building of mobile apps.

Is this true? Any help would be much appreciated!

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They have an option called “native app”, meaning the entire app is within one page on browser instead of multiple pages. Think of netflix or facebook for example, like how the top bar always stays at the top of your screen while in a browser.
It feels like a native app, but it isn’t on the app store, its within safari, chrome, firefox, etc.
As far as I know, they don’t have the ability to publish traditional apps to app stores, which is what I’m assuming you are asking?

Not sure if this is a recent update but you can wrap your Bubble app so it can be a mobile app! This bubble blog post has a ton of options How to Adapt Your Bubble App to Mobile

Great find. Thanks for this.

Thank you so much for your responses.

I am trying to build a consumer facing app and so I feel having it on the app / play store would make alot more credible than giving out a QR code.

Any opinions on the functionality and speed of a wrapped bubble app?

This is one way of making your app native mobile zeroqode native. For some reason I cannot paste the link on my phone but just search zeroqode native and you should find their solution.

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Hey yash. I’m doing this right now and my app will be up on playstore and app store in a few days. I could send you the link so you can check the performance yourself. I can tell you before that though, I’ve had no complaints with performance in my own testing so far. Works as fast it would on a normal browser.

I havent used any of the pre existing bubble to native solutions available and my solution costs a fraction of the existing solutions out there. I’ll be releasing it once I’m done with my own app launch at a very affordable price.

Does it come with native abilities? (Notifications, geolocation, vibration etc)

I’ve tested with push notifications, location and vibrate although they’ll all work because the workflows in bubble will be able to interact with the native app SDKs.

Yes you should build on a 375px screen and wrap it with a wrapper afterwards

I would disagree. Build for 320px as the smallest size. The iphone se has a width of ~320px. If you want your app to be accepted by Apple and work on the iphone SE your app should be designed to work on that size.


Yes, if you could share the link to your app that would be great! Id love to try out a wrapped app to see the performance

Id be happy to give you some feedback as well if you like!

Hey, sorry for the delayed response. The IOS app is out as of now ‎Friendflics on the App Store
I have the android apk as well but haven’t launched it to the playstore yet. Both the apps have push notifications with OneSignal.

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