Bubble needs to Split the Main Cluster ASAP

After the latest code push that severely broke many Live apps, it became extremely apparent that we need the Main Cluster split into Immediate and Scheduled code releases ASAP. This was teased back in September and still nothing has gone live for it.

I am a HUGE Bubble supporter, even for Production (large scale) apps. But every outage like this makes power users like myself have serious doubts in Bubble. I am seriously contemplating what it would take to recreate my business’s app to another platform or traditional development.

Come on Bubble - let’s make this update happen and squash these avoidable catastrophes for your power users!
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We hear you :frowning: We’re working on splitting as fast as we can – actually, a little too fast: the code that led to some of the issues today was part of that project. Will write my monthly community update tomorrow but current status of the project is we’re expecting it to launch in 2 weeks, with some chance of unknown-unknowns pushing it out til EOY