My Life Went Miserable

I was about to start a meeting with an extremely important client, I was waiting for months to have this opportunity and then… Issues with Bubble Main Cluster! I Looked like a total moron :frowning:

Still pressing enter


This occasionally happens on most cloud infrastructure - not even amazon or google seem to be immune from this. I would advise your client the following:

  • State that you have a service level of 99.9% up-time - similar to Google’s Cloud SLA.

We have in our terms and conditions, a tiered refund if falls below certain uptime percentages, i.e 99% 10% discount, 97% 25% discount. You will find that current bubble up-time always exceeds these levels but at the same time also gives reassurance to the client, that it will be avoided at best and worst, speedily dealt with.

Note Bubbles uptime on main cluster is 99.94% (60 days) and there is always an option of having a dedicated cluster. This way you can wait a few days after the main cluster is updated, to be sure that any maintenance updates are unlikely to affect the application.


Man, that sucks. I’m genuinely sorry to hear this, as I’ve had my own major disaster from Bubble infrastructure with a customer meeting.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way around that so long as you don’t get control over your own infrastructure. It’s one thing to have downtime cuz of something you can control, it’s another due to something outside of your control. It’s a bummer for sure, but a necessary trade off to use a fully managed platform like this.


Ugh, that stinks big time. I am worried about that happening to me too. What a horrible time to go down.

Yep mine is still down and hoping it goes back up before clients start to pile into work this morning.


@CapiBalid Apologies from our team and we’re working on preventing such situations


Any ETA for resolution on this?

@josh7 Our engineers are all hands on deck at the moment so please see Status Page for latest.

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One way to prevent such situations would be for the bubble team to do their software updates during off-peak hours like any other tech company. I know this is a global service, but these outages always seem to occur during the middle of the business day in the U.S. or evening in Europe which I feel affects the bulk of your users.

Bubble only has like 3 9s of reliability and the bulk of the outages seem to be concentrated in the middle of the day.


This outage is a killer one for sure.

This may not apply directly to your meeting, but in general I suggest whenever possible to conduct a software demo (especially if its a first meeting) without using the Live website. There are so many factors that can go wrong, slow internet, outages, data missing, requests from a client for you to use out that feature that you are not fully proud to show off yet.

I highly recommend using some type of Powerpoint / video / GIF mix. Some of the top SAAS specialists recommend this as well - as it helps keep you from going on tangents, and makes it much easier to train and scale sales people one day with a perfected document.
At the very least have a backup file such as this so that in an outage, Bubble or internet, you are prepared.


Those are great ideas! I will do that for sure. Thanks for the suggestion.

I am up and running again now. FYI.

@CapiBalid, so so sorry to hear about your experience… what a nightmare, you must feel so helpless… and nearly an hour later I’m finding my app is still not running…

Bubble, I do have increasing concerns about the quality and timing of releases as I read posts here about things which have gone wrong. Having put a year of my life into an app I will launch soon, I hope and prey you will be investing more resources into the testing and timing of releases so we can be certain of giving our own clients a top quality service.


This is excellent advise, we do presentations to clients and video demos. You never know when you cannot connect to the internet and with new clients, you want to best minimise the unknowns.


Be careful Bubble team, sounds like antony is on the hunt.


back to work now everyone! :kissing_heart:


@brad.a.farley, it’s late here in England… I’ve had a glass of wine with dinner… my spelling slips a bit at moments like this! :slight_smile:



@jon2 @antony We hear you and our engineering team is reviewing deployment timing as a factor to prevent such situations.


Hi @neerja great you are considering the deployment timing, as long as you are aware that those of us in the Asia Pacific region are just starting our day down here.

@neerja I’m with @antony and others who share a general concern over of trying to launch and run their businesses on bubble. The actual outage doesn’t really concern me as much as bubble’s poor business practices here. I don’t see a reason why bubble gambled with installing this software in the middle of the day. Overnight software updates are a very common (and very self-evident) software maintenance practice.

This practice of mid-day software updates puts your users and their businesses at a higher risk and will continue to do so until it is addressed.