Bubble Non Responsive

We have been experiencing a strange issue with Bubble the last few days. Our app which was working fine until a few days ago has completely stopped responding in the Preview.

When I try to login to the app, I see the Login link on top right hand corner turn to Logout which means the workflow item in Login is working however the workflow does not move forward. The blue progress bar at the top of the page keeps moving but nothing happens. No redirects or any other workflow triggers created seem to work.

Even if I enter the wrong credentials, nothing happens (the blue bar just keeps progressing).

Here is the link to the application: http://staffos.ai/version-test/login?debug_mode=true

I see in the link you provided that you’re using a custom domain name that is not HTTPS. If you open the console of your browser, you’ll probably see a message like “Since you are not logged in, you can’t see the debugger” which is a bug. And for that the page is stuck.

Try using the native bubble’s domain https://staffos.bubbleapps.io/version-test/login?debug_mode=true instead.

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