The editor is going crazy

Come on bubble. What is this know? @eve

Update: All the elements that I have added are on the index page. Weird.

Hi @grace.hallak: if you haven’t already done so, please submit a bug report: at the very least, we need the name of your application to investigate this behavior.

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haha yesterday I opened the editor and had 200 something errors in the issue tracker, went away on it’s own. Still no idea what happened.

just saw this in a different thread, perhaps it was related to that. We will never know :slight_smile:

Same. Now the editor is working normally. Weird how I wasn’t adding new elements but selecting elements that were on the index page.

Yeah I saw the thread. Many bugs these days.

FYI we’re disabling some code right now that may have caused weird editor behavior (it was meant to detect apps in corrupt states and fix them, but there’s a chance it was part of the problem. We’re still investigating, but proactively disabling it while we continue our investigation just in case)


Thanks man!

Cool, thanks for the update.

I’m having problems this morning with custom states…

  1. In the element inspector, it will show a group’s custom state(s) upon first loading the editor, but then it won’t show them on subsequent tries, even though the custom states are clearly there and functioning (they are visible within my workflows for example)
  2. When I rename a custom state, that name change doesn’t actually happen

@eve I will file a bug report, but just noting this if others are having problems.

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Hi @josh, are you poking about with the issue tracker at the moment? :slight_smile:

All of the sudden I had 366 issues. After a couple of browser refreshes they went away on their own again.

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