Delay in reflecting changes auto saved from the editor


For last 2 days I am experiencing there is a delay in reflecting saved progress from the editor. The editor works just fine and so does preview but the changes are not getting reflected for a while. There is no issue in internet or a warning message from bubble. I’ve had to create a restore point to push the updates manually so that those are reflected in test preview.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @SumitC , have you tried testing the issue in incognito mode in your browser?

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@alanpieczonka I have not. I will.
Do you think a browser plugin is interfering?

@SumitC Generally stuff like ad blockers, browser extensions, cookies, caching etc might interfere with your application and cause this kinds of problems (but ofc it’s not a rule)

Thanks :grinning: will try it out.

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