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Bubble or Agency selling your data?


I have a question regarding my data in Bubble apps.

We’ve been hiring an agency to build our web app in Bubble and during the development process i’ve received cold marketing emails from external sources reaching out using my test-user email adress.

So i wondered who is selling or how did the external sources get my user data?

At least there can be some problem with privacy rules so user emails (and other data) can be exposed.

Thanks for your input Artem, i’m aware that it could potential be some problem with privacy rules, but how did they get my user data during dev stage without connecting to any main domain?

Just concerned over who leaked the data and what if my potential clients/users get affected?

Well here’s yet another issue with the new pricing system.

Previously not having the logs saved made sense because we only had so much capacity.

Now that we pay for every thing that happens I think it’s ridiculous that we can’t have a log of that for the previous month. We paid for it.


Uh yeah. If bubble had logs of downloads from the editor you could see if it was the agency.
If you had logs you could check to see if your api was accessed for the emails.

Bubble didn’t do it. Their business relies on user trust. They would never sell emails without explicit permission.

So probably the agency.