Bubble Page To PDF Converter - PLEASE HELP


I recently purchased the plugin ‘Bubble Page To PDF Converter’ and am loving it so far. I just pushed this into production and was testing as a production user, and when running the report, it is completely white out on the pdf, but DOES show in the ‘preview’ just before downloading.

In Development mode, it is working perfectly. Has anyone had this issue?

I sent @ZeroqodeSupport @levon a message but haven’t heard back quite yet, so maybe someone from the forum can assist.



Be patient, they will respond to you soon.

@anon65040322 Thank you for your informative advice

Hi, can you share the link to the page where we can test this?

Hi @levon,

I’m unable to send you a PM for some reason. Can I send you the link via the @ZeroqodeSupport support tag? I can provide Dev and Live versions with credentials and rather not post it here.


Hi Brandon,
i disabled PMs on this forum because it’s not an efficient means for dealing with support tickets. Please send the details through intercom chat on zeroqode.com

Hi @levon,

Sent via your website chat :slight_smile:

Hi @lantzgould we have found a solution for your issue. Simply untick the “high quality” check box and it should work. We don’t know the exact reason yet, because it works fine for our demo pages, perhaps the data is too heavy and with high quality on it doesn’t have enough time to finish processing.
hope this helps

Hi @levon,

I appreciate you finding a fix. After further testing, I finally got it working. I just wanted to note that in my testing, I had to change the workflow back to on page load (instead of on button click) with a pause before hand, to allow the data to fully move over to the pdf.

Thanks again for your help.