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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Willing to export your page, but you don’t have the right tool installed? This “Page to PDF converter” plugin will let you do just that without any external API or subscription.

This plugin is capable to export either the whole page or just a single element assigned by its ID into all known formats like A4 B5 and others, the same as exporting into custom paper sizes that you specify in settings.

For instance, this plugin will be extremely helpful, if you own an online shop and you want to allow your sellers to generate their product catalogues, or if you own an HR site offering any CV and profile builders.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 27-th of August 2020
Plugin comes in two versions
(old) Convert To PDF element + Page break and actions which are provided as is
(Updated or New) Convertor To PDF v2.0 and actions which are not compatible with older version

a quick demo page -

For instructions how to set the ID attribute to a Bubble element please visit this ID attribute guide

For details, screenshots and demos please visit Plugin Page.
If you have questions about this plugin or need any help, please reach out at Zeroqode Forum

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Perfect timing for me and it works perfectly … once you work out what values the settings need. I was getting a blank page for my first few attempts. Going to buy this immediately. Thank you, thank you.


Awesome, Particia, thanks!

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For other relatively new bubblers, I subscribed to this plugin and got it live in less than 30 minutes - it would have been faster had it not been for my own stupidity. For those, like me, that need a little more support than others, here’s what I did:

  1. Put the ConverttoPDF element on the page you want to print.

  2. Place a button on the page and add a workflow when it is clicked to use the ConverttoPDF Element Action and be sure to configure the settings you want - orientation, size, filename, storage, etc. And decide if you want to print the page (prints your buttons) or just the outermost container element (this does not print your button if … you use the element ID and keep position buttons outside the outermost group and simply use the X and Y coordinates in the inspection panel to move the button so it is where you want it even appearing to be within the outermost group but the Elements tree will show it is not).

  3. Now right click on the ConverttoPDF PDF element (from step 1) and add a workflow under it to do what you want e.g. view the PDF or save the PDF’s URL to your db.

Assuming you have set up the size of the bubble page correctly (use paper size ratio of width to height instead of chasing actual size) and that you give the resulting file a name (in my stupidity I left it blank at first) and bingo. It’s painless.


This is something that will come in handy. I may just use this in my app to allow a user to print out a summary of an order and its confirmation. Thanks!:cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks a lot for these additional instructions @patricia - it’s very helpful. There are things that we often assume as clear to anyone but obviously they are not and we should do a better job with our documentation :slight_smile:
thanks again!

@levon, the thing that would really help and I guess your developers had to do it as part of the testing, would be to specify what the best bubble page size and best parameters in the plugin (X and Y indents, PDF width/height) are to deliver a great looking page for a particular format (A4, letter…).

If you read other posts on the forum you will see that many people give up when they get a stretched page and they don’t know what to change and lose days trying. So if you could publish a list like it would be invaluable to more people than you know.

And, another thing that really helps is that in addition to your demo page for plugins, you make available a view only editor page so we can see how it was implemented. That is something that @jarrad did for Documental and it was really helpful.

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Ok so this sounds awesome! I’m starting to get excited? I have a RG in a group(element) and I want to export that group(element) to an PDF but say if the repeating group goes down past the page size of a A4 will it just chop the text off or will it make a page break?

I’m assuming it will just cut the text off as it’s a snapshot? I’ve not yet found a solution or has anyone else to break a page when saving to PDF.

If you can solve this one @levon I will fly to where ever you are and personally kiss you on the lips!


sorry Tim, this actually discourages me from trying to solve it :slight_smile:
kidding, not sure exactly about this, but we’ll play with it and let you know. Actually you can play with it too, plugins are charged on pro rata basis (means for the number of days you actually used them), so if you use it only 1 day and uninstall it, you won’t get charged much i believe

Ha ha ha! I can’t sleep now after reading this post. I’ve spent so many hours to trying to solve the problems of a page break.

As soon as I get up tomorrow morning the first thing I’m going to do is down load this plugin .

I’ve been using Print pro but unfortunately it does not cut the mustard and find it frustrating as it only works in Chrome.

If you can find a solution to page breaks you will make me the happiest man in China! And believe me there are alot of them in China!

Cheers Levon.

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Just spent the last hour trying to get this to work! Im Very Frustrated!!! this is certainly perfect for my needs but i just cant get it to work.

Iv set up quite a lot of things like this over the last year so Im pretty good at working this stuff out but this Im obviously missing something simple or mayby not?

@levon is it possible to share a link to an editor just to see how it s set up.
@patricia is it possible to share a link also?

Any support is really appreciate.

@timgarrett111, unfortunately, I deleted my test page and have not yet built it into my app but it genuinely worked quickly for me. Perhaps I was just lucky. What exactly is it that you are struggling with? Can you not get a PDF? Is it not page breaking? Is it squeezed or stretched? I’m a newbie and not sure I can help but I’m willing to try if I knew what the problem was. Hopefully, @levon’s developers can publish a set of parameter settings to use for different page sizes and lengths because that would overcome a lot of the struggles I’ve seen here in the forum for other PDF plugins.

good suggestion, we’ll work on this a bit later on

this is a good advice too, the only issue we had so far is that all our plugins were in one demo app and some plugins require sensitive credentials like API key, but now we are going to break the plugin demos into many apps (about 10 plugins per app) because we’ve also seen some speed issues when there are tens of plugins in one app. And then we’ll make the apps where there is no sensitive information view only, so the users would see the editor side as well.

also, we will enable a checkbox to automatically detect the width and height of the source element/page to make it a bit easier to setup. It’s in our list and we’ll try to deliver it next week.
Thanks all!

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@levon you deserve a medal … at least you will next week when you auto-detect page setting.

@timgarrett111 it looks like your prayers have been answered. It’s worth waiting until next week for because it is so blindingly fast compared to API PDF generation.

Hi @patricia @levon

I quite simply can not get it even to show. i followed your steps 1 to 3 which were awesome but I did get confused on step 3 ( this is where i could be getting confused?

I mean quite simply i do the following.
1 Drop the Convert to PDF on the page ( easy! )
2 Drop a button and group on the page (easy!)
3 in the group ID Attribute i enter “PRINT”
4 On the button on the page I create a workflow using the element action to download the Assigned group

I have also tried to print the whole page. Nothing

could you describe more on step 3 as it dos not make sense as the action is applied in step 4.

we are on it, we’ll try to manage the page breaks and auto height/width detection.
Will update once we are done (might take a few days though since it’s almost weekend)

Just gave this a try, but was only able to see success when using the Current page option instead of a Single element. Perhaps related, the demo does not work for me either.

For Current Page, I simply used the action to convert, and it immediately downloaded to local drive.

For Single element, I tried the same setup, but nothing happens. I then tried to use the elements event that triggers when the conversion is complete, and that doesn’t seem to fire either.

Thanks, Ken, we’ll be fixing these issues coming days.

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Apologies for the delay in responding @timgarrett111 ain

I will take a look at the print plugin tomorrow at some point and come back to you. I did get a blank page a few times on their demo but once I got the settings correct (i didn’t understand what some meant) then I had no problem printing on the demo. As I said, it worked easily for me on my test page (I wish I had kept it now). The blank page issue is something to do with settings. I’ll see tomorrow if I can work it out again.

Thanks @patricia

It’s seems the plugin has bugs in side it so @levon are taking a look at it after the weekend.

I’m really excited about this plugin! Thanks for your help.