Bubble - PageSpeed (How to?)

Hi There,

  1. Taking a look at bubble Blog, made in bubble they achieved an excelent page speed.
    68 for mobile, 92 for computer. ‘Bubble Blog | What you need to know about building with no-code

  2. A blank page of my app achieved 27 for mobile and 61 for computer. :frowning:

Is there any tutorial to improve Bubble PageSpeed?
Any resource?

Tks, Augusto.

68 for mobile is not a great score. the link you refer to it’s probably not made in bubble but with ghost (there is this tag <meta name="generator" content="Ghost 5.80">). there are a lot of topics about speed score of bubble apps in this forum, mainly what you can do is to keep your page small and load only the minimum data needed.

Made with bubble… believe !

read the page source: a meta tag that says ghost is the generator, no standard bubble js or css loaded. a lot of good signs about not being built with bubble