Google Pagespeed insights very low

Hey everyone,

for my app I am getting very low scores for the mobile versions when testing the site on Google’s Page Speed Insights (

The Desktop version of the homepage is getting a score of 69 and the mobile version is getting a score of 16!! When loading the app on my phone the loading times are fine.
The desktop version and mobile version of the homepage are two different pages within my bubble app, however the discrepancy among the scores applies for all pages of my app.
Does anyone have experience with Google’s Page Speed Insights? in connection with Bubble?

Thank you for your time.



Can someone please answer this as im looking to find out & underastand similar information.

My Wesbite has a score of 6…

Kind of frustrating so many forums posts here go unanswered here, makes it really hard to use a source of knowledge, has so much potential if moderators would more regularly reply at least once to each post to provide some direction or understanding.



I’d be interested to know more about this too.

As far as I have read, there has been an update on how Google measures those scores and so, for the mobile score, the numbers are generally very low.

After looking at some details, some of the resources bubble needs to render the page are taking a significant time as reported by Google. As a user when I am accessing the page, I don’t really feel that significant delay most of the times though. I am not sure there is much we can do to try and optimize that from within the app as opposed to adding more capacity.

If anyone has any specific recommendations, it would be useful.

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I will try to shed some light on the topic.
First, Google Pagespeed is pretty much old tech. It is very strict and definitely not the industry standard. try something like: It doesn’t mean however, that google is incorrect - Bubble is unfortunately slow. You need to know where and how to use it.

Which leaves me to the next point. Other people might dislike my opinion, but nevertheless i think its important to point out - i wouldn’t use bubble for anything other than a web app. I would never design a landing page or a directory on bubble.

For , it might be a bit problemetic because its somewhere on the fence between a web app and a directory, i would highly advise you create a website on WordPress, and incorporate the “web app” parts in bubble. Your sites loads quite fine on my end BTW. Its a bit slow, but nothing terrible. I would be more worried about SEO.

For i would honestly just create the website in another platform which is more suitable for this kind of websites (webflow, WordPress). Also, try to reduce your images size and maybe consider optimizing the video. Your homepage is 12.8 MB (!) thats really a lot.

At the end bubble is just a platform - its up to you how you use it, don’t forget it :wink:


Hey @Bubbler,

thank you for your reply, I will look into your suggestion.
Just one question: why should I be worried about SEO? We’re actually doing quite well. Im curious what made you say that.

Thank you for your time!

Hey Lorenz, sure thing:

Bubble is not really SEO friendly. Its not really Bubble’s fault. Bubble is rendering mostly JavaScript, and if you look in the page source, you’ll barely see any HTML - that’s not a problem when building an web app, but could be a problem when you try to rank on search engines. it doesn’t mean that you will rank horribly, but it will definitely impact your SEO rankings. if you are doing well on SEO then just ignore me :wink:

In short, bubble pages are rendered dynamically, and google will have more difficulty “reading” your content.