Bubble Performance for SaaS Apps?

hi all, I have looked through the Showcase page etc but haven’t seen many real world examples of b2b SaaS apps using Bubble (Excluding from Bubble dev partners etc)

Is Bubble just for building an MVP for b2b SaaS apps? I believe my web app is pretty basic 5 to 6 dbase tables and 7 - 10 web pages. Some reporting and dashboards too.

Looking at the pricing page
The 10 gb file storage limit does that include all files uploaded? (This is something I may want users to be able to do)?
What does scheduled workflows run weekly mean? (Not very frequent!)

Any help or guidance appreciated here:grinning:


Hi Michael - two successful SaaS I built and own on Bubble: www.sendpilot.co and www.usetreefort.com

Congrats Reece. I’m aware of those 2 examples and that you are a Bubble expert with your own Bubble dev business.

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Awesome! Yes Bubble is very scalebale for SaaS and will only get better

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That is Good news Reece. However you have the expertise to constantly tweak and improve your offering. As I’m a non Bubble expert this could represent an ongoing spiralling cost that doesn’t stack up.

Also I don’t see many other examples of fully fledged b2b apps scaling?

@michael1, here’s an example of an inventory software I built for the shed business that might be of interest to you. There are quite a bit of custom math and geo calculations happening ongoing and we’ve had no performance issues on the Personal plan. Even with loading a lot of images.

It’s being used by just one company at the moment but as soon as I finish out the admin portal (and learn how to offer custom domains @help :slight_smile: ) I will be converting it to a SAAS product and more companies will be coming on board.

I do use the Uploader plugin from @gaurav for the images and store them on Uploadcare instead of Bubble. That’s less expensive than storing directly on Bubble if you anticipate a lot of images and offers some nice processing options.

As far as the scheduled workflows not running very often, you can get around that by setting up an endpoint and hitting it with the Scheduler from Zapier whenever you like. Its not as convenient as building it directly in Bubble but cheaper than upgrading to the big plan :smile:


Thanks Eli - good luck with the venture - looks really good.

What exactly defines a scheduled workflow in Bubble? I mean in all apps there is constant CRUD happening between app and Dbasse some maybe with workflow logic behind them - is this what is only updated once a week?


A scheduled workflow is one that is exactly that - scheduled. For instance, maybe you need to send invoices once per month so you could set up a workflow that is scheduled to run on all your users once per month and send all the invoices automatically.

Workflows that are triggered by button clicks, etc will run immediately.

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Hi Michael. Bubble can absolutely be used to build a solid saas app. The first one we built, which is doing well is at arc-ware.com.

It’s packed with features, apis, and we’re using box for file storage. We’re still running the personal plan with no issues. I taught myself bubble over the course of a few months, and became very proficient in less than a year. We’ve since built an internal app that runs everything for an ecommerce company we also own, and the whole staff uses this application daily to do all their work.

I hope this helps.


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