Bubble Pricing for startup - SaaS Product + Internal workflow automation

Which plan is ideal for a SaaS STARTUP?

Phase1 - Landing Page
Phase 2 - website + few internal work flow automation
Phase 3 - More API’s and Scale

Hi there, @njaggie… the answer to your question is dependent upon what your app/startup actually is as well as how you define “ideal”. That being said, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t start with the Personal plan and work your way up. If you get any sort of “real” traffic/scale, you are likely going to have to go to the Professional plan pretty quickly, but again, there is no harm in starting with the Personal plan and going from there.

Anyway, just some food for thought, and I hope it helps.


Thanks @mikeloc for your quick response.
My product will be for B2B mainly manufacturing industry. So from traffic/scale perspective I presume it will be slower & tiny during initial months.
So, with Personal Plan - If I will be able to build my Landing Page + workflows + API’s. than, I am good.
I got this doubt because - If ound this on your website

How do Bubble plans work?

Bubble plans are subscribed to on a per-app basis: this means that a single Bubble plan applies to a single Bubble application. Plans cannot be shared or transferred between applications.

Q: I have one more basic question.

Once I launch my website, do I need to pay monthly subscription fee to keep the website active?

I don’t work for Bubble. :slight_smile:

You will be paying a monthly fee to Bubble even before you launch your website if you want access to paid features (which you do if you are going to be using APIs), and you will continue to pay the monthly fee after you launch your website in order to keep access to those features.

Got it. Thank once again.

Sorry for that mention. :sweat_smile:

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