Bubble personal finance database

Does anyone have some experience with setting up personal finance databases? I’m getting confuses on what to have as a separte data type rather than fields.

Example. Should I have each month as a different data type? Also should if I have household as a field of expenses data type but also want to break down household into fields for more detail should i then have a separate data type for household?

Happy to pay for a session for someone to help me sort this out.

Hello @andrewjmitchell1 welcome to the community!

To get you started:

Transaction type
Display (text) (income, expense)

Expense type
Display (text) (personal, business, etc)

Account type
Display (text) (bank, credit card, utility, etc)

Title (text)
Acc nr (text)
Acc type (acc type)

Title (text)
Date (date)
Amount (number)
Type (transaction type)

A database model follows what you want your app to do. A personal finance app can take on different forms…

Here a quick guide on how to build a clone of Quickbooks:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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