Explanation on Database Field Type (Field Name)

Dear Bubblers,
I am still trying to get my hands dirty with bubble.
I know a little bit of database (sql).
I am having issues understanding some concepts in Bubble.
I know data types are usually text, integer, float, string, etc.

But in Bubble you can have data type (User) or data type(Product).

In implementation how does this work? How can I make changes to it?



I’d recommend watching the Bubble introductory tutorial videos. They explain DB practices really well…

@bosunjohnson Also checkout a getting started webinar on using the database

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Thanks I have gone through the introductory videos.

Thanks I’ll go through that now.

Hello @neerja, I have go through the webinar. Thanks.

But it does not address my question.

See this example, I create a new database(products). I have a field in the product database called Owner. The datatype of Owner is User. That is Owner(User).

How can I work with this type of datatype Owner(User) in terms of retrieving data or add data.
Or how does it work generally? @NigelG

In creating or making a change to a Product record, you’d set the Owner field to a value that is type User. For example:

Owner = Current User

or Owner = Current cell’s User if you’re workflow is coming from within a repeating group element on the page that is set up to retrieve a list of Users

or Owner = Search for Users :first item if you want to retrieve a specific user from the database

This “link” would allow you to create expressions like “Product’s Owner’s email address”

Hope that helps.

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