Bubble, please inform us of new releases

Please bubble, kindly update new releases to us so me and others can stay updates on new updates to the core platform.

One example is the link feature? I feel like this is getting a bit out of control. Can you create some kind of newsletter or policy before releasing these updates?

This feature doesn’t work btw as far as I could test

According to the error message, you should remove the 's link at the end of the data tos end. The page expect a Career thing (probably set to this type).
I think you are not using the feature correctly.
If you use open external page instead, I guess this is where you will be able to use it (or in a link element for example)

Yes but I was merely experimenting with this specific feature. Reading it, it says it’s a Link to a specific data type, sending that data through should open up that page with a link to that data type(not working). I guess useful without having some crazy slugs or data ID in the URL on the new page.

Other option would be to just use the regular navigation, I was just wondering what the heck this Link option was doing there without any notification from Bubble.

Thank you for responding @Jici

Yes I agree. In a lot of case, they will publish this release after it really happen in editor. But you can always find them in the release page of Bubble

haha, I now see the giftbox icon in the top menu. Funny enough, I have never opened it up as I thought it was some kind of ad :sweat_smile:

Too bad there’s not a counter on it for marking read/unread.

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This link option has actually been available for quite a while. It’s not readily visible so easy to miss though :slight_smile:

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Have you gotten it to work?

I have. You have to have a data type set on the page. For instance, if you have a profile page for users with the type of content set to user then you have access to the link and it looks like this


The best use I’ve found for it is the button url in an emails to link to profile or chat pages.


I did exactly the same and it did not work as it recognized link as a text and not a data type.

Yeah, the link feature has been there as as long as I can remember, and it works as expected.

i.e. it gives the link (the URL) of the specified page and database entry - which is a text.

As @Jici pointed out, you’re trying to send a datatype to a page, so you don’t want to use the link feature there - just define the datatype entry (the specific thing from the database).

The link feature is to get the actual link to the page for the specific datatype, as in the actual URL. e.g. www.mysite.com/mypage/mything, so that will evaluate to a text.

You can use it to display the link, or to open an external URL, or for use in API calls, emails, etc. but for sending data to a page, just select the datatype ‘thing’ directly.


Got it everyone, I think it’s just me being tired :innocent: The data type is a clear feature but thanks for responding @adamhholmes

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