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Bubble possibilities?

Greeting All.

Is it possible to build a site similar to ? A review and booking site that allows salons to login and input they information, images and prices. Customers can register, search salons and book or buy services.

Thank you.

What you trying to build seem very doable on Bubble. It’s a database driven app, where users will log in/out create entries in the database and you’ll have some relationships between entries. Have you done the lessons? That will cover creating things, signing up, searching, etc.

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Hello Emmanuel.

You have created a great application. I have been though all the lessons but i think i still need more assistance.
I have a html and css background but still unsure how to create a filter sidebar and make the app responsive in Bubble.

How do i create sections, containers and divs that i can adjust for different screens?

Do you have a lesson that shows a full application workflow in Bubble?


We don’t support true responsiveness yet, but you can have 2 versions of the same page, and have one of them sent to mobile devices. This is transparent to the user.

Bubble is a editor to the pixel, where elements are absolutely positioned. So you shouldn’t try to use the concepts that you know already, like containers or divs. It doesn’t apply here.

The best we have for this are the blog posts at, example apps.