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Make my page responsive

I’ve hit a roadblock in trying to make my bubble app responsive. I’ve read the user manual several times and have watched both the 17-minute and 30-minute videos. I’m not sure if I’m not understanding the responsive viewer or if my layout is just a bad starting point for responsiveness. For the sake of moving forward, I would like to see how someone else handles converting one of my pages into a responsive page.

I’m interested in having one specific page of my app converted to responsiveness. After it’s done, I’m hoping I can look at how you did it and figure out the process a bit more myself.

If anyone is interested, please PM and I’ll send you a link to the page so we can discuss pricing.

Looking for:
-bubble users experienced with the responsive builder
-has a secure method to receive payment

Why don’t you just download the free template that is reponsive and see how it works?