Bubble pricing for 1 app for web, iOS and Android


I’m to make one app, but have three versions of it (web, native iOS and native Android), where the functionality will be identical, and they will all reference one shared database.

  1. Is it actually possible, with native mobile apps, to access one common database?
  2. How does the pricing work out? How many paid plans to I need?


Bubble first create a web app. You can use wrapper like BDK or Jasonelle to get your Bubble app into app stores.
You will pay your Bubble app according to the plan you choose. Others fee are related to wrapper and app store fees


So it’s possible to build just 1 app, and deploy it to web, and iOS and Android (via a wrapper)? Is it sensible to do it this way, given the different needs of each?

Hello andrew36,
I wanted an answer to this question too and here is what I learned :
An App is expensive and it takes some time for the validation,
If you sell something in your app (Subscription, Buy price, …) Apple or Google will take their share :frowning:
So this is the idea :
Create a WebApp with Bubble (working on the web, ios and android via a browser.
Lear of your mistakes and correct your Webapp without waisting time for validation.

What I did :
Because I wanted the user to be able to have the WebApp on their phone screen (install it) without beeing in the store, I decided to go with Progressier.com
Have a look !
It allows me to use notifications and easy installation of the WebApp on the Phone.
Some restriction, Apple d not authorize Web Push notifications (but they are changing).
They allowed it on Safari 16 a month ago but there seems to still be problematic.

So, I decided to develop the WebApp with Bubble and Apple will have to comply with the demand, just a question of time. (I think they are losing professionals needing notifications).

To answer your question, you do not need to create multiple versions, create a one page version, use progressier and if you want to go further, you can wrap your app, as Jici said with a wrapper allowing you to put your app on the stores.
The avantages are : it is cheeper, quicker, allows errors, only one version and the ease of use of Bubble.

Have a nice day.

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Yes, totally possible. I’ve done it many times with The BDK.

You can make the whole app responsive to different screen sizes and/or create duplicate pages for the different sizes.

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Thanks for the idea Serge. I do need native, unless Apple allow notifications in progressive apps soon, since it’s a key part of the app. I’ll consider progressive for testing!

You can test it for free.