Bubble Px. Custom Animated Games for Bubble.io Developers 🎯

Hi guys, I’ve designed a few of these gamified email-optins for other bubblers now and thought I’d open it up and see if other Bubblers are interested in one for their site.

I design customised animated SVG games which attract customers into giving you their email address.

Optin rates are high because the games use gamification psychology to attract users (eg. will I pick the right path, will I be lucky), regardless of the type of prize offered. (You can offer a free tips sheet as a prize and optin rates will still rocket up.)

These types of opt-in games are considered trade promotions in the ‘basic 5’ countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ) so no special permit is needed.

The idea of these games is that all customers win a prize, since you want to ‘reward them’ for giving you their email address.

You can order a game with custom logo for your site from Bubble Px.

Happy to answer any questions/feedback.

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Very nice and very well designed.
Your whole site is so neat, I’d be very interested in a tutorial on how you approach designing your apps in Bubble.

Thanks LinuxUser for such a kind comment, I really appreciate it.

As for the site, I put the emphasis on the copywriting and just keep my designs very simple - usually full width 1 column for the content and a 2 column hero, use just 2 colours, and just use 1 column for mobile.

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Well done! This is a really cool idea, I like how you have different types of games instead of just the wheel of fortune.

Thanks @syedibrahim1388 !

Very well done. Clean and nice designs.
Will definitely keep this in mind for the future.

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The Jenga one has some weird optical illusions going on, like the impossible staircase! Very cool.

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It is not possible to visit the website from your link, the website takes too long to respond

Looks like it’s only because the wrong link is in the original post and you can’t edit the original post after some time so here is the public link on the free bubble hosting: (I removed it as a live site and put it on free Bubble hosting).

Cheers! J.