Learn the basics of Bubble through a fun interactive game!

New to Bubble or programming in general? I created this fun, interactive game that teaches newbies the basics of Bubble. The game will teach you about all the different types of elements in bubble (text elements, the different types of input fields, groups, repeating groups, etc), it will introduce you to workflows, and it will teach you about objects or “Things” so that you will know everything you need to know to build something awesome. Through the game you will learn how how to build three apps and be on your way to building anything your heart desires.

Click here to play the game!


Click here to play the game!

The game costs $10 and I will be happy to reimburse you if you don’t think it’s worth it in the end. Simply shoot me a message and I will issue the refund. Here is a quick video of the first few lessons if you would like a preview before starting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQYZAjk9cOI

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bubble!


Hey @gpdmop, this sounds like a great concept and I was willing to give it a shot.
But I realized there is no demo so I have no idea what I’m paying for.
Also you state above that it costs $10 but moment I logged in it asked me to pay $50. See snapshot below.
I think you will get more ppl signing up if you could provide some demo. For example you could let users “play” a first stage for free and to move onto next stage they will have to pay.
Or you could simply record a short video showing a bit of the content.

Hey @seanhoots, sorry for the mixup! Just updated the stripe payment to indeed be $10. I also think your suggestion above is a good one. Making a quick video of the first few lessons so that users can get a quick look at the game before purchasing :slight_smile:

If you look at the bottom of the landing page when you first click the link you will also see the three mini apps that you will learn how to make through the game!

Here’s a quick video to give you guys an idea of what the game is like - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQYZAjk9cOI

^ @seanhoots

This is super cute and fun. Thanks @gpdmop