Bubble regex help

Hellooo im trying to filter all the linkedin URLwhich are not trailing with a “/”
i use this regex :

It seems working on regexr but not in bubble can anyone help please?

Why repost the same question on a new topic? Validate a list of Linkedin URL

It seems like you had the solution already on the previous post. If the only thing you need to do is check for the last character in the string to be a “/” there are easier ways to do that then with regex like :truncated from end to.

In your other post you mention only being able to get the last input. If it is the case of a multiline input you could split the input strings out and check each item’s value.

Hello @bubble.trouble because it’s not the same problem i found the regex who match with all the URL that not trailing with a “/”

But it’s not working on bubble :

@louiskreta1 Your regex is wrong because on regExr it is using the expression modifiers /gm global and multi-line, the latter being very important in this case because you have a multi-line input. It doesn’t appear that Bubble has provided a way to add modifiers to the expression (full disclosure: I didn’t do any research to confirm that suspicion because it isn’t of any interest to me).

That being said you can split the string out using format as text and then match each line individually with a slightly different regex.

Note: the text separator is the enter key (even though it doesn’t show any characters in the “Text separator” box)

Here is the modified single line expression

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Thank you a lot, its perfect :pray: