Using Regex in Bubble


I’ve created a regular expression in JavaScript to capture all words beginning with ‘@’.

I’ve tested it on and it works.

However, when I paste it into Bubble it doesn’t seem to be working.

Please take a look at the below screenshots.


In this case, I would like ‘@Billy’ to be replaced by ‘!’

remove first and last / and any flag.
Bubble execute any regex with a global flag and whats only the pattern without the surrounding slashes.


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The any flag is - \ ?

Right now, I’ve got this ‘@w+g’ but it’s not working.

Thanks for the comment

No, is not. The flag is the g at the end. More details here

You are literally searching for text that has @ followed by one or more w followed by g

As I said you need to remove the leading /, the last \ and anything after.
Eg. instead of /asdf\w/g input asdf\w

Gotta still have the + at the end.

@\w+ was the solution in this case.

Thank you very much.

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