Bubble Request - Isn't Live Confusion 🤷‍♂️

Hey @Bubble :wave:

Can you do a probably simple change that would make a big impact?

Instead of the option ‘Isn’t Live Version’ can you switch it to ‘Is Dev Version’.

When using the current option, it’s confusing to say:

When: Isn't live version = yes then run this workflow.

It would be sooo much easier in my mind to say

When: Is Dev version = yes then run this worfklow.

This hurts my brain each time I have to think about it. Could this be an easy fix?

Hope it ‘isn’t impossible’! :blush:

(See what I did there, sort of confusing huh, better to say “Hope it’s possible!” :wink:)

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haha I’m constantly bashing my head against the wall when I’m tired. I think someone had a bad day at work when they integrated this :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread might be worth a read…

Thanks. I’m glad I am not alone. Still think it’s worth implementing. I put it in the idea board. Maybe others can vote it up too. :blush: