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Bubble’s new Component Library makes it easier to build UI

Highly recommend folks try using the components with the Style Variables under Styles Tab— you can instantly transform the components UI (font + color) to suit your brand.

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Ok cool – Thank you Nick!

You’re not the only one waiting to finally kill those old tables :wink:

This will be a responsive-engine level update :slight_smile:

are you also planning to make this a marketplace? as plugin builder it would be great to know if we should invest in that ourself or not :slight_smile:

I think you can have it with the chrome extension Frames from James Moore from Buildcamp

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Awesome. :+1:

And what about RGs? Are components based on repeating groups coming as well? I would have used a RG for at least of couple of the components in the library.

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I’m getting frustrated with the cadence and quality of features Bubble has shipped as of late. They’re generally incomplete or missing key features (fixed color styles?).

The “component” “library” (handful) is a solution looking for a problem. A similar low-hanging fruit approach to shipping something that lacks the versatility that bubble users need. A non-feature just to be able to post it on Product Hunt?

I get that Bubble needs to grow to justify the recent funding round. I understand the focus on onboarding new users. But are they your raving fans? No. We are!

We’re the power users that promote, defend and push the limits of Bubble. Throw us a bone! Where’s the polish? Where’s the features that can optimize our workflows? Where’s the hotkeys and the control+k commands? Where’s the new editor?

It took years just to fix the plugin search indexing for pete’s sake!

If I worked at Bubble, I would be worried for a nimble competitor that ships fast.


Yes probably you’re right, I could also purchase some table plugins :wink: but I’m kinda vanilla bubble freak - I like to craft all the stuff by myself inside bubble.

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Ah, gotcha! That makes sense actually.

Hey @jon4
Please make sure you are using a new responsive design, cuz it isn’t available in the old one as far as I can see :slight_smile:

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Interesting if this will be transformed into a sort of marketplace of components that the community can create and sell. :slight_smile:

Also though I like the initiative, the feature feels barebones somehow. These components are like a replica of the original header/footers, signup/login elements. I understand that it was just launched and in the future as it was mentioned we’ll see more components, but right now I believe I’m not the target audience here.


for real, I’m just like you. Can’t use any template :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: @Guru


IMO, that’s a great step for new bubblers onboarding.
Rookies can fill a page using predefined blocks from the component library and discover how groups and child elements are used + get the idea of responsive settings. After studying simple examples they can jump further to community templates and so on.

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Good start.

Please iterate as fast as you can on this feature. We all know what pre-made ‘blocks’ are required. Just build them already!!

Your visual programming ‘language’, API connector, plugins and so on are already way out in front. But design in Bubble has been so painful and/or time-consuming for so long especially compared to newer no-code platforms.

Your took a huge step to fixing this with the recent response engine upgrade. Now, this.

Finish the job and ship, ship, ship these components!!! Get the basics built (incl tables etc) and then go beyond.

Buy Frames if you have to or hire the dude who is making it!!! Just Get. It. Done!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: At long long long looonnnngggggg last.

Thank you!!!


When can we have custom components to save/share across apps?

(Bubble gives and we keep asking more!)

Great feature btw.


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I just saw the new components thing you guys added to bubble and thought they were so nice that i would jump on the forum today to just say: good job and thank you for things like this.


Thank you Bubble, @vivienne :tada:

This is very helpful for new developers.

This is such a neat idea! I remember back in the old UI interface, before flexbox, there were several released google chrome extensions that did this and I wondered why Bubble didn’t have a built-in solution for this.

Such a cool idea!

Is it an eventual goal to allow users to submit to the component library, sort of like a marketplace where users can share their designed blocks? I’m sure not, but just an idea :blush:


Yes that’s coming!