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Bubble’s new Component Library makes it easier to build UI

Starting from a blank page can be intimidating. With Bubble’s new Component Library, you no longer need to. In minutes, you can complete beautiful, responsive landing pages with our new set of pre-built components like signups, logins, headers, heroes, footers, and more! Try it out yourself.

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@vivienne We can’t see it on our existing app on the Professional Plan. Is there something we need to do to turn this one?

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This is going to be a highly useful addition to Bubble.


What is the roadmap to expand the number of components?


Played with it a bit. It seems to work identically to copy/pasting some elements. They aren’t components in the normal sense: they aren’t reusable, editing one does not affect the others.

I think newbies will like it though.


Yeah, like, where is this in exiting editors? Is this only available right now if you create a new app, or what?

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This is lit!

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It was a nice surprise today when I fired up the editor. Feel free to add some pricing tiers as well in the component library :grin:.

Hey @jon4!

Please make sure you are using a new responsive design, cuz the components aren’t available on the old one as far as I can see :slight_smile:

I see this in my existing apps, there’s a button on the top right that says “Component Library”

Maybe try closing your app, then reopening from

@vivienne Is it possible maybe to allow us to build our own component libraries?
Will make it easier to build out templates for users I think too in the future. Brilliant feature regardless.Love It!


Looking at bubble manual I assume that there is no way for us to develop our own components?

So as of now it’s just a bunch of prebuild elements that people can use?

I’ve been thinking that we will get an update that will finally allow us to manually craft all the buttons / tables and other things in one place (with the code) so we can reuse it everywhere.


@Guru @bryankullet Doesn’t look like that’s a feature at the moment. On the other hand, it looks like Bubble is moving in that direction, with @nickc leading the effort in getting us custom variables we can use with styles in the editor.


We should be able to add our own components @nickc! Appreciate your hard work :rocket:


Good work Bubble team!


Also really nice to see better UI and use of shadows and rounding!

Keep it up and remember, replacing the websafe colors in the default palette will have exponential branding impact for Bubble (initial trust) as most new apps created will represent some of them to the world. Think about that for a second :slight_smile:

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@Julia.Sm is correct! You want your apps to be on new responsive.

Yeah! That nice point detail top right would be nice on bubble…

I thought the whole point of the component library was so I could create components that I could then place onto the page…

I just fired this up for my app… why would I want to place a Bubble header in my app I’ve had for 3 years? The styles don’t even match up with my app styles.

I guess I’m confused - Was hoping for more of a pro user focus here but it appears this is geared toward a first time Bubble user with a brand new app building a basic website. Oh well. :confused:

I would’ve killed for a “Table” component that I could have a header with pre-done columns along with pre-done rows setup perfect and responsive… Right now, I have a separate page in my app right now for my “master table style”… and it sucks going to copy and paste it everywhere I need it. That’s what I thought this component system would be. “Grab these 4 elements, right click ‘make component’… then drag onto page’”.

Back to work for me.


Correct, this initial launch is geared towards new users to help them get started faster. The pro user features (like the ability to create your own components) will be the next iteration. That being said, its good to see this much excitement for the ability to create your own components!


Hey Keith,

Currently its only available for new responsive apps!