Bubble’s new pricing doesn’t sound good at all? What to do if you cannot afford it? Next steps

Hi all,

The main thread already has +400 replies, which makes it harder to focus on specific replies. So, the idea of this topic is to help the existing segment of customers with proceeding with the next steps for solving the issue that appeared.

Like so many of you, I’m very frustrated with the new pricing model.
I was so excited about the autoscaling news since it’s something that we needed because the capacity thing has some disadvantages. But still don’t get why WU (workload units) is based on the way we have now. Why not align to action execution time and temp storage used?

The pricing for such technologies as AWS and other platforms provide is becoming increasingly profitable. So, WU has to be at a reasonable price. Yes, the price should be higher compared to AWS since Bubble is great and has a huge infrastructure that is based on different technologies, and the price should be higher for having a profit. But the current set price…

Looks like Bubble decided to switch to a segment that can afford such pricing. It will decrease the number of customers but gives more bandwidth and capacity for handling existing and new stuff. That’s totally OK that they changed their view because it’s their choice, nothing is set in stone.

But, I don’t think it’s right to handle these things in such a way, since it negatively affects many of us. Just my opinion.

I can recommend the following.
Try to move to another framework. A good alternative should have the following major option - exporting apps for being able to host it on your own AWS or another platform. You should have full access to your app. Otherwise, you may get into a similar problem.

Low-code platforms provide the possibility to build a fast UI & UX. So, still makes sense to keep using low-code stuff. The no-code / low-code is the future.

Thanks to Bubble for the idea to provide access to the legacy plan for existing customers for 18 months, that’s pretty enough time to adjust!