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Brand new to bubble with the most basic question. I am trying to display search results from a database of “listings”. The search is done by “listing title”. My problem is that every item I have in my database is on the results page.

  1. Build a repeating group of “listings”

  1. Create a workflow so the search button changes the “list of listings” to only the listing’s whose title matches the search criteria.

I know its an easy question for this community but I have to start somewhere! The lessons, documentation, and forums haven’t helped yet. Thanks!

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Hi @maxwilliamjacobs, welcome :smiley:

Here are a few things I want to point out based on your screenshots:

  1. The Searchbox is an auto-complete element that will do searching on its own. Once you set up that element to search a particular data type (e.g. Listing), and a field to search on (like Title), you’ll see that typing in that box alone will display auto-results. Now, if you select one of those auto-result options, the value of this Searchbox element is that Listing Record.
  2. Given #1, your Repeating Group constraint could be “unique id = Searchbox’s value’s unique id” and you’ll only see the single record that was selected.
  3. I see that you found that “typed text” is also an option from the Searchbox - this is true - you can ignore selecting a record value and simply use the literal typed text in the box. My guess now here for why you’re not seeing anything is probably due to case sensitivity issues. The search constraints are case sensitive, so just keep that in mind. Also, make sure that “allow entries not in list” is checked otherwise the element will ignore typed text and only look for a record value. See screenshot below.
  4. Another method you can use is a regular input instead of the searchbox so that you don’t have both the auto-complete AND your repeating group displaying results from typed text. I personally think it’s a bit redundant to have both behaviors but that’s just me.
  5. Finally, take a look at these tutorials I have here on doing searches in general: and


Welcome to the community again! If you need any more help, just reach out :wave:

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