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Bubble servers down

Hi guys,

Your servers have been down for quite a while now even though the error message says to try again in a few minutes.

Not only your front-facing website and builder is offline, but also customer applications.

Don`t you do replication w/failover or load balancing? How can I, if I become a paying customer, be sure that such incidents will not affect my application?

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This is happening again.

Can we expect this to be an ongoing issue or is it currently being addressed?

As explained here This is to restore some data. Sorry about the short notice.

Still some problems since 2h30 hours
I cannot see the preview :

Same. I get a reply from them.
They’re working on it.

Ok, thanks (seems that some data has disapear too…)

Yes very sorry about this guys. The Product Hunt spike of traffic did put a lot of pressure on our database and we had to take Bubble off a little to restore some data and not lose anything. Things should be back to normal now.

The good news is that what we solved for will be solved for other apps, so next time one of you hits PH we’ll be prepared. But very sorry about this.

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