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Hope you all are well.

Currently, unpkg is having some major issues, it was happening few days ago and was fixed and assumed would be all good from now on but the same issues are happening again. From what I can tell, its all based around unpkg, since its not really managed anymore.
It’s used in a lot of plugins, and if the website has 502s plugins, then the page won’t load or miss key functionality.
Example of link not working (on home page)(in Australia, I don’t think its the whole world)

Github issue:

Please confirm if this is the issue, but as far as I can tell I think it is.
Ive contact the major plugins I use for this app, but the creator of the plugins haven’t been responsive, and since they wont allow access to the code, I cant fix the issue, which is very annoying since its a basic issue. All that needs to be done is change the packages cdn from unpkg to something like jsdeliver

Simple fix changing cdn
to jsdeliver

Sorry I don’t usually like to tag people in this, but since this legit cant be fix by the users and only bubble or zeroqode (other plugin cretors), id really appreciate some urgency on this matter.
@ZeroqodeSupport @levon
@Bubble @josh


Mine down again

Ive checked with my users, is seems to be primarily Australia, new Zealand, and south east Asia that are having issues.
most us clients are asleep now tho, so might be issues over there too.

Yeah the bubble pricing site is working which has the lottie.js in it. Seems like it’s just Australia

The pages work for me, they just take forever to wait for the lottie.js to fail for me. Does your load quickly?

Here is a video, its long like a min waiting for it to load

Actually its (bubble homepage) is real slow for me now.

Agreed. It should have been fixed on Friday

The rough thing is its going to have to be the community plugins that need fixing as well, so this could take a while

Like ones I’m currently having issues with
lottie player
& advance multi uploader from zeroqode.
But that’s just my app, I’m sure there’s a lot more.

Question - How can you tell all the ones that are affected on your app? Looking at network?

yeah, so not sure if your comfortable with network tab. in filter to find unpkg issues, type unpkg
and it will show all network calls using the unpkg URL for cdn. (then I just match name to plugins I’m using.

To fix, I think:
Example the feather icons code is open source, so we can change the cdn easily, which I plan to fork tomorrow and change.

The issue is more the private plugins that I cant fix, and sadly haven’t received any help from plugin creators/managers.

Thanks for this. For me it’s only feather icons and lottie

Have you tried reaching out to Lottie?

Same issue here.

Huge problem if this keeps happening

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oh honestly i dont really use lottie much, im just going to delete it.
My only concern is the advance multi uploader, as currently thats mandatory for my app.
But it might be an open source app, if so can be fixed.

Yeah, but sadly their status system doesnt pick it up, it just thinks everything is fine. Same with my website status watched it thinks theres been no issues.

ive report a bug to but i dont think they are opened for a few hours.

Hm i use lottie for lots of loading screens.

Yep I submitted a ticket too

I’m changing out icons now

@AirDev a few of your plugins are affected

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Hi @haydnhinks, thanks for the reported issue.

We’ve passed this information to the developer team. Once any feedback will become available, we will let you know asap :pray:

Zeroqode Support Team

Hi @equibodyapp!

Thanks for the heads up!

Can you tell me with which of our plugins (airdev) are you having problems? Thanks!

For me, feathericons and lottie are loading correctly from

Hey Everyone!

Sam here, with Bubble support. We’re aware of the issues with unpkg recently. I want to point out that something like this isn’t as easy at is sounds - both for our team, and for the plugin developers that use unpkg. Here are a few considerations and thoughts on all of this:

  • There is no silver bullet here - jsdelivr was super quick to jump on the bandwagon to offer their tool as an alternative in online threads that complained about unpkg being down, but we (at bubble) don’t think that they would be 100% reliable under all circumstances
  • Unpkg is working on top of cloudflare, which is one of the biggest backbones of the internet. Unpkg generally works very well and allows packages to download super quickly (possibly faster than some alternatives)
  • Cloudflare itself itself doesn’t have 100% reliability either (it had some issues in Miami for a few hours on Friday)
  • This could be something very silly on Unpkg’s maintainers’ front - maybe they forgot to pay up for extra bandwidth in Australia, or had an oversight in their code for a recent deploy.
  • They (Unpkg) haven’t been super transparent or responsive, which is a thorn in their side…

We are closely monitoring this situation. For now, our official recommendation is to reach out to your plugin authors and encourage them to swap the dependency if only temporarily while unpkg sorts out their issues.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and submit bug reports for ongoing, consistent issues.