Bubble Stripe Plugin: "Charge Succeeded"?

This is probably an obvious question, but it’s not working in test mode so I want to be sure before I deploy to live:


I want my “Step 3” (make changes to a thing) to ONLY occur if the Stripe charge/payment was successful. That’s what I’m doing here, is it not?

For some reason, in test mode, Step 3 doesn’t run with this “only when” condition in play…

Anyone have insight into why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance!

As a follow-up, I am looking for the “Charge Succeeded” option, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up. I then assumed that “Captured” meant the same thing… just want to be sure.

I always use the “amount charged” as a check :slight_smile:

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Brilliant - although in the test version, even when I do that, and even when a notification confirms my test card has been charged, the workflow doesn’t run step 3 when I set it to “only when result of step 2’s amount charged is what I want it to be”…

is this just because it’s the test version?

Should work, also in test mode… maybe turn the alert off?

Hmmm… Tried turning the alert off, same result. Will submit a bug report. Thanks!!