Bubble Stripe plugin does not show Plans on live mode

Hi dear friends,
I have installed the Bubble Stripe plugin, added 2 keys (secret and publishable) from Stripe live mode but the dropdown of plans is empty. It works fine with testing Stripe mode but does not show anything with live mode.
I’ve tried refreshing, creating a new product but nothing shows up in the Bubble from live Stripe.
Any advice is appreciated on how to fix it so that I can select live plans.
Thank you.

I think the issue is that you didn’t create plans in stripe live mode.

I have created several subscription products in Stripe Live mode. But nothing shows up in Bubble.

The dropdown you are trying to select only shows the plans in the dev (test) mode of stripe. If you want to test dev mode plans, you should add some to dev mode and add the dev keys as well. It is a known issue with stripe plugin. You have to write things manually. Check this video: https://youtu.be/tEXC-JLCFjI?si=tj6Pqu3Gpnv-3R_D

I appreciate the response. Yes, that is true when in the dev version in Bubble using Stripe dev keys all my plans from Test Stripe are shown normally. So, no problem here. The problem occurs when switching to Live Stripe mode - none of the live stripe products can be seen in the dropdown.
I am going to check the video you shared, thanks a lot.

You should make the same stripe plans in both dev and live with the same id.

Then you can use dynamic setting instead of dropdown

Thanks Bruno, could you clarify what do you mean “with the same id”?
Do I input Stripe live mode keys into plugin in the dev and live fields or only in live?