Stripe LIVE API not pulling products

Hey all!

I’m testing out the live version of my app using Bubble’s Stripe Plugin. I was able to test and confirm the TEST/DEV keys and subscription flows all work, but when I place my LIVE API keys and remove the developer keys from the Plugin, I’m no longer seeing any products. I created a product on the Stripe side on LIVE, so it should be pulling in 1 plan.

Maybe I am missing a step?


When I switch to LIVE mode, I can actually see the LIVE Stripe Plan this workflow should be using, but I can’t make any edits/save in “live” mode?


Hi there @trvshowell,

Here is my recommendation:

  • Create the product in both our Stripe Dev and Live version (dev so you can test)
  • Create an option set with the product and a Stripe Dev and a Strive Live API ID or whatever it’s called as an attribute.
  • Once you have the option set, you can dynamically select the live or dev version.

Does that help?

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Hey Johnny,

The product isn’t in Bubble, it’s on Stripe. Surely there’s a much simpler solution here given the Plugin is meant to capture Stripe Subscription Plans via the API key?

Yes, I understand that it’s in Stripe. That’s just the way I do it and it’s more efficient instead of changing it within the WF.


For those wondering, here’s how I got this working:

When the user clicks subscribe to plan, check “dynamic” and then paste the ID of the LIVE plan from Stripe. You’ll still need to keep your dev key and secret otherwise you won’t be able to publish to live.


Hey @trvshowell- just to recap, you were seeing your test products in the dropdown but NOT your live products, correct? As a result, you had to check off dynamically specify plan and add them manually. Same thing has been happening to me for months which makes testing a real pain. I still wonder if this is a bug on Bubble’s end and I think I’ll file a report to find out.

Are there any update on this?

waiting too :slight_smile:

To test while previewing bubble app, you need test stripe data. to go live you need live stripe data. It’s really not that difficult.

Hey! Think I just figured this out. What you have to do is add “Isn’t live version” = “Yes” at the bottom “Only if” area for the Dev/Test Product ID. Then duplicate that Workflow, replace the Test Product ID with the Live Product ID (by checking the “Dynamically specify plan” checkbox and then manually entering), and change to “Isn’t live version” = “No”. Doing this will allow you to dynamically swap Product ID depending on whether you’re in Dev or Live mode.


This is the sort of bug that makes me feel nervous about Bubble increasing its prices. They’ve allowed a Stripe plug-in to be built but not actually working and tested for live deployment.
Users are suggesting bungled workarounds. We’re not about to be paying a whole lot more and there’s shoddy releases like this.


I’m having the same issue, I agree we can do a work around here but that’s not how it should be.

@emmanuel any thoughts on this?