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Hi, everyone, and thank you in advance for your time. I’ve been working on my first Bubble app and it makes use of the Stripe plugin. Everything works perfectly in test mode–I’m able to create and modify subscriptions, etc. However, when I try to switch over to live mode, using my live keys provided by Stripe, I no longer have access to the three subscription plans that I set up. I exported them in Stripe to live mode, so that isn’t the issue. I tried regenerating keys, etc., but that isn’t the issue. I also tried with and without both the test keys and live keys, and it made no difference. Here is a screenshot of my workflow, with it showing the three test mode plans, but no live mode plans available to choose from. Again, thank you so much in advance for any help you might provide.

In Stripe you Live data and Test data are completely separate things, so despite potentially having ‘exported’ them in Stripe to Live mode, you actually need to create your subscriptions in Live mode in Stripe or via the Bubble app using your Stripe setup. Your Test data in Stripe and Live data in Stripe will not have the same IDs (as far as I know).

I had a similar issue a few months ago, if you’re using Bubble’s stripe plugin I’m pretty sure I read the subscriptions are broken. It was some kind of issue like one stripe key/ID etc used to give you access to both the test and live data, so bubble’s plugin was set up that way, then Stripe moved to separate keys for Dev/Live and the plugin was never updated, so you can only ever access the test versions.

I could be completely wrong on the above but that was my understanding, might need to use another plugin or API calls. Let me know if you solve it as I found it super frustrating!

This makes sense. I was able to get it working because of this short vid:

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Ah nice one, good solution!

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