Bubble Stripe plugin error - "Stripe error EXPIRED API Key provided: sk_live****9nap. Platform access may have been revoked


Today we encountered a new error when using the Stripe Plug in to charge a customer. In the logs in bubble we are seeing that the API key provided by Bubble to Stripe ends in “9nap”. These 4 characters are not part of the key that we have set up in the plugin settings.

The curious thing is that we are also using the Stripe.JS plugin which is using exactly the same keys (Live Secret Key, Live Publishable Key) as the plugin above. The difference is that the Stripe.JS plugin is working correctly and is not giving any errors which leads me to believe that there might be an issue with the “Stripe” plugin.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Last time we processed a charge was on June 21st and we did not experience any problems. I did notice that bubble did an update on the plugin editor on June 22, not sure if these two are related?

Finally if this is a known issue, is it being worked on?


Hi Neysha,

Were you ever able to resolve this? I am rec’ing the same error message and not sure what is causing it.

Are you using Stripe Connect? I ran into this issue a while back and it turned out that the payee’s Stripe Seller ID was the problem, not the platform’s.

Yes, using Stripe …interesting. Will look into this. Thanks!

Hi! The problem was resolved by bubble.is. There was an upgrade to the plugin editor that week and Stripe.js plugin stopped working. My work around was to stop using Stripe.js and use Bubble Connector instead. It works pretty much the same way but with a little bit of more work when you set it up the first time.

Hi @neysha - if I’m reading your comment correctly, sounds like there’s still an issue with Stripe.js plugin.

@copilot - Is that the case?

I am not having any issues. I just decided not to use the plugin for charges because there have been multiple times that they have failed because of things out of my control and Stripe.js control. So I took took the route of Bubble Connector and I haven’t had any problem with it yet.

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Hey @nikolai,

We’re not entirely sure here without more information. Understandably, we don’t think this is an issue with Stripe.js as many platform (including our own) rely on it everyday and we haven’t received any reproducible reports. Additionally, you have the ability to version both Stripe.js and your Stripe account.

@neysha Sounds like you’re all set! If we can be helpful, ping us at [email protected]. :slight_smile:

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I’m also having this problem. I’m building a marketplace app, and suddenly began getting this error, even though none of my keys are the one displayed in the error. :confused:

Fixed it! Yep, it was a problem with the payee account I was using.

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I have been having similar problems for 3 days. I got the message of "Stripe error: Invalid API key provided: sk-test … ". For the past couple months it worked well. I didn’t roll any Stripe API keys or change any workflow. Any idea? :neutral_face: