Stripe plugin by bubble issues

hi everyone, im having a slight issue with the stripe plugin made by bubble, after i insert the keys and go to the workflow to charge the user, the worflow shows that i need to enter my api keys. any ideas why this could be happening?

i also feel slighty dumb as i read “API keys” since from what i remember i have to be on a paid plan for api to work right? is this the issue haha

any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @mrzbektas
share you setup screen shots i am intrested i checking it, and also make sure that there are no unnecessary spaces when pasting your keys

they are test keys, i tried with live key and test key but it didnt do any difference, i looked for any spaces in the key but didnt see any in start, middle or end pf the keys. any ideas?

thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:

i think there is a bug with stripe checkout version V3 which is the new recommended one, i swapped it to the older V2 and its working fine now, but not sure if this will be an issue down the line since they already have a newer version up and running :thinking:

v3 should not give an error once you click charge ( even though it asking for the key)

yea it stopped asking for key too now, i did V2 and set the payment up to test and after i went back to V3 to see what happens and now its working fine too without a request for key inputs :slight_smile:

well my issue is fixed now haha but thank you for helping me out :slight_smile:

user will still be charged check this response from stripe Logs

thank too you welcome

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