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Bubble Stripe Plugin Error on payment

Hi Guys please how can i get hold of bubble support. They’re not answering my emails.

@emmanuel @NigelG I was deleting some extra accounts within my stripe dashboard, and I mistakenly deleted my main stripe account. So I requested from stripe support to reinstate it, which they did. unfortunately, my app throws an error when i try to do a payment now. I have worked with stripe and regenerated new keys which i copied back to my application, but i keep having the same message with the same key displaying on the message. The key in the error isn’t even the current one I’m using. Stripe support thinks the issue is coming from the bubble side. see error message in attachment. The error occurs after redirection after payment.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 170607

Go to your stripe dashboard and renew your keys

I have tried that several times. it gives me this same error nomatter the keys in put in.

Make sure you have the live and test keys correct in every plugin and API connector call.

Have you pushed to Live?

Keys are correct. It’s still in devevelopment. i’m using test keys