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Bubble suddenly wants a Google Map API


Problem is : i’m not using the google map. i dropped it once but removed it.
And i’m still asked to set for the Google Maps API Key.

Is there a way to disable this as it won’t be used in the app i’m developping ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There could be some element in your app set to content type geographic location …

An input with content format Address … or a searchbox with choices style Geographic places …

Just a thought…

not any that i can check…

the thing is that i used such a field (and map) to check. But i removed them.

It must be hidden somewhere … a flow or a hidden element … perhaps Bubble support can help

I have the same error and I’ve never used the map element, nor do I intend to. How can I remove this error? I don’t want to input a Google API key for something I am not using.

Error message: “Your app needs its own Google Map Key for the maps element to function properly. Please add one in the setting tab”

Can I remove the map element all together?

I am seeing the same issue. My app is ready to be deployed and I do know why it is happening. I have data and elements configured as Address . Is that enough to have create a geocode?

Did you work how to do this?

If you are not going to use the Google api just type 123 or abc instead of an actual api key

That will get rid of the Bubble error

I found a hidden map element on the template index page. I needed to delete that page anyways and that removed the error for me. Good luck, hope that helps fix yours if you don’t need the map element.

Thank you for your help!

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Hey all, it looks like Bubble now has a video tutorial for resolving this issue: Working with Location Data - Bubble Docs