Bubble Survey JS Integration (Creating a surveyJS plugin)


I need help integrating survey JS into bubble.io. We have an event management website running, but we are planning on moving it into bubble’s no code platform. How do I go about integrating bubble.io into survey JS?

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Leul Shiferaw

Which one of the libs do you want to integrate?

how much mission critical is integrating this library into bubble? If it handles core logic of your product and you have it already integrated in your current product why do you want to switch to bubble (integrating custom code takes extra effort and tradeoffs compared to yes-code solutions)? If it is not core logic why don’t you want to go 100% nocode and do it in bubble natively (it is 100% doable in bubble without code)?

I am about to release an official SurveyJS plugin (that includes a license). Should be live within the next 10 days


I don’t have a plugin but I’ve implemented into a recent bubble app. render - formBuilder

It’s somewhat simple.

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