Bubble Technology Platform Investor Deck

I am looking to raise a seed round for a new company. Angel investors I am talking to are well versed in technology and are interested in knowing three things:

  • more information about the underlying technical infrastructure of bubble
  • what happens to the applications if bubble were to shut down
  • what is the funding profile of the organization, profitability, etc… (essentially looking for something to generate trust that the platform is on a positive trajectory and thus mitigates the risk of being fully reliant on a platform that may not be around long term)

Is anyone here familiar with a resource or two that speaks to these questions?

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You unfortunately know the answer to this although Bubble has made assurances along the lines of if we go bust we’ll release the source code (which means that enough people might be able to work out how to deploy on your own resources)

Imagine building a house of cards and trying to balance a marble on top of it :slight_smile:

Pretty good by all accounts.

If you have a valid product, you’ll have earned enough in a year or so that you can afford to invest in a traditional code product should that be necessary. If you haven’t earned enough in a year and Bubble goes bust, well, you probably didn’t have a product anyway.

Anyway, here’s the document you’re looking for: https://bubble.io/investordescription.pdf

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Agree on all fronts. This is what I was looking for, thank you for sharing @georgecollier