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Hey Guys,

Im very happy to have signed up with bubble. I have a lot of ideas flying trough might head right now. However i have a minor questions, i think recently bubble has introduced the template section and instantly i can see a whole bunch of good template that would fit my purpose. My question is, does the template act like a page in bubble editor? meaning you can use and reshape back everything and work out the workflows for each button or element? Or its a static template where you only used what they have without the ability to edit every page and layout?

Hey @mstrmorgana welcome,
Yes the templates will be opened in the bubble editor and you can modify everything to your heart desire. maybe you can look for some of the free templates just to have an idea of what you will be getting.

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thats a good idea. maybe i should start with the free one first. thanks!

Although definitely do the tutorials first.

Trying to work out how Bubble works via Templates can be a little confusing at times.

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understood, i already went so the free tutorial and some paid tutorial offered in udemy which is very helpful!

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