I'd like to know how to Edit a template

I am new to Bubble. I pick a template. I am trying to edit by building first a simple website. I just want to edit the simple components of the template like the pages, get rid of some images, edit or getting rid of links. Where should I begin from the editor? I clicked template. I couldn’t do anything. When I click text for example on the design, it seems I am buiding something entirely new. I just would like to know how to edit the template to do my own thing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Click to create an app you’ll see template option click that and select what template you want to use it will show up and you can easily delete any thing and add anything

First, I chose a template. Then I created an app. I clicked Edit. This brought me to the Editor. I clicked Template. The template I chose appeared. It gave me the option to review it. I didn’t see any option to edit the template. I chose another free template. I didn’t appear when I edited the app. It’s really annoying.

Did you click buy template

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